Tech people’s opinion to global warming and climate change

Bill Gates: No! Toss a PC and tell Mr. Cook about it.

Tim Cook: Destroy an Android phone (no, that’s not Hurricane Andrew).

Larry Page: I don’t know, but the tech industry will be reverted back to stone age!

Steve Ballmer: Katrina, Haiyan, Katrina, Haiyan.

Steve Jobs: I wish could I get to Apollo 11 landing site.

Eric Schmidt: Google makes you spied; just get a Bing or Yahoo.

Don Mattrick: Oh, my fucking God!

Sergey Brin: I hate this century! Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and asteroid impacts!

Tim Bernes-Lee: I hate the WWW! Too much Gangnam!

Jeff Bezos: Here, the Devil. Mother Nature is heating us.

One century earlier…

Chicken #1: Hurricane Andrew’s coming!

Chicken #2: Television!

Chicken #3: No Wikipedia?!!

Space turkey #1: Hubble, Hubble, Hubble…

Polar bear #1: No Google.

Tree #1: Iniki’s coming.

IBM PC #1: No FB, no Candy Crush Saga, no Vine.

Macintosh 128k: No Photoshop.

Windows 95 packaging: August 24, 1992.

Homer Simpson: …In Homestead, Florida!

Floppy disk: Get out, you little doggie!

JFK: Ich bien Microsoft.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: I have a dream of hurricanes!

Neil Armstrong: One small step for a TV, one giant leap for Ubuntu.

Buzz Aldrin: Magnificent desolation.

During 20th century, stars and planets were wallpapers for every smartphone, personal computer, televisions, and cell phones around the world, from New York City to Shanghai, to Seattle, Tokyo, and San Fransisco (and Redmond-Cupertino highway, too!)