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Retelling the story

Retelling the story

Well, I should retell some articles, but I know change it in an appropriate way, so I can retell. So, it was developed in Nov. 20, 1985 as an MS-DOS extension. It has 90% of all computers running Windows… Its vulnerable to viruses, so you can use anti-virus programs (for example, Microsoft Security Essentials). Or, a Mac fan boy can use Photoshop for editing pictures, et cetra. But… Linux is free and open source OS, it kind of sucks.

It was in 70s a graphical user interface (pronounced “gooey”) it was called Xerox Alto. The Xerox Alto has bit-mapped graphical displays for the first ever computing tasks and an arrow… I mean, a mouse pointer. A decade a go, Xerox invited Steve Jobs (1955-2011) and some Apple employees to see a new their revolutionary new product. Huh? If Apple would allowed Xerox’s GUI, then it was Macintosh.

A few years ago… in Jan. 24, 1984, Apple released the original Macintosh (or, Macintosh 128k) has acclaim its success. So, what the hell was that? Windows 1.0 was there, a year after the introduction of Macintosh. And at the top of MS-DOS! However, it was NOT standalone also. There’s no Firefox at all, but, it has cleaner, easier-to-use interface and tighter file management so it will beat Apple’s Mac OS’ market share. Guess what, Apple? Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard copied Apple’s look-and-feel of it’s GUI! Let’s compare each OS has File, Edit buttons? Oh, crap, it has no pics.

It was 1995, at least 8 months after Netscape Navigator Web browser has been released, Microsoft code-named “Chicago”, then Windows 95. You should see on television? The Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up”. The biggest change of Windows adds Start button and menu.

Within a year or so, the first OS to use a Web browser (Internet Explorer). Before Internet Explorer, it was Netscape Navigator. It was also known as Mosaic Navigator. The first browser was Navigator, then people could browse into World Wide Web (WWW). Microsoft should make IE a default browser, it was the best browser ever.

Did you use IE 1? Uh-no, it’s quite different.

After Win95 was released, more updates, then Win98 and NT. The next update was Win2000 (built on WinNT5.1) adds an interface, file management (Windows Explorer). Yawn…

The only somewhat interesting aspect of Windows 2000 was the inclusion of Microsoft Office 2000. When people opened up the new version of Word and began writing their Pokemon fan fiction, they were greeted by THIS Office assistant: Clippy (or I mean, Clippit).

Next in 2001, a month after 9/11 attacks, Windows XP was released. Then has a new interface called Luna. (Oh wait, it will end in April 8, 2014.)

XP remains popular, and MS released WinVista. Highly anticipated but widely panned for its mismanagement of memory, security and price date, Vista was like the Chinese Democracy of computer software. In fact, after two years of being readily available, Vista still trails the market-share of XP. It’s like Microsoft named Windows XP perfectly because they couldn’t live up to its enormous success with Vista, so XP is literally forms a smiley with closed eyes and is sticking its tongue out at Vista. Microsoft designed a product to mock their later failures.

Ha! Where is Steve Ballmer? And he sticks a tongue. I could not find the sunshine.

Since the Windows’ introduction, it has many problems. For example, BSOD causes your work to lose, viruses make your PC to be infected, et cetra.

The Blue Screen of Death, it may crash and lose your work, you get a Mac.


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